PS4 Jailbreak on FIRMWARE 9.00

DembaAugust 13, 2022

As you know, the PS4 console was fully hacked onto The Firmware 9.00 on December 13. Many games can be played according to this FW and it can be said that the importance of hacking is very high. The full list of PS4 games that are hacked and usable on hacking consoles can be found here. In this section, we are going to teach you how to hack the PS4 console to FW 9.00 using the relevant Exploit, along with all its tips.


Prerequisites for installing Exploit 9.00 for PS4:

1) Having 9.00 firmwares on your console: If you are using higher firmwares on your device, it is not available at this time. You have to wait for the new extension to be released for the higher frames. If you use firmwares below 9.00 or equal to that, chances are with you!

2) Download and install FW 9.00 which is available in the same article.

3) Internet connection

4) Having a usb drive (not necessary in previous methods, but in this method it is necessary).


The installation and use of FW9.00 jailbreaking are as follows:

Don’t forget that unlike Exploit for previous firmwares, in this frame you need to have a usb drive to hack your console.

1) You must first update your console to 9.00 firmware. The installation tutorial for this Firmware is complete at the end of this article. The FW 9.00 download file is also available at the end of the article in the download section.

2) After installing and updating your console to FW 9.00, it is time to apply the required data in flash. Download and install Win32 Disk Imager software (download link is located in the download section of this article).

3) The required file of the export i.e. “exfathax.img” must be applied to your flash by Win32 Disk Imager software. To do this, connect your usb drive to the computer, select the exfathax.img file, and like the photo below, click write to start and perform the operation:



4) Now, it’s time to go to your PS4 console, which is FW 9.00, and activate The Exploit with an online host (don’t forget that at least for the first time, you should have internet access). Turn on your console (do not connect the usb drive you produced in the third step!) and enter one of the following online hosts (from the Web Browser section of your console). In addition, if old explorers have been applied to your system, it is recommended that you once make sure to clear Cache and Delete Cookies so that the possibly cached code from the old explorers is completely removed:


– Login to online hosting method AlAzif – Server Downloads

– Login to karo218 online hosting method – with offline cache feature


– Login to external online hosting – AlAzif method

– Login to foreign online hosting – leeful method


5) Surely… I will!! Disable the automatic installation tick of the update so that your console is not updated and do not go above FW 9.00!

6) After connecting the console to the Internet, run your browser in PS4. The address of the site you want to open is a dedicated host for downloads or external source hosting. We will go ahead with the tutorial on using dedicated hosting downloads in this tutorial.

7) There is a possibility of regimenting the console screen (rotating circle) … Worry! Wait a few moments for the “Insert USB Now” message to appear for you. Now it’s time to connect theusb driveyou created in the third step to the console.

8) After connecting the flash memory, you must wait a few seconds for the message “This USB Storage’s device’s file system is unsupported” to display for you. When this message is displayed, click OK and you can remove the usb drive from the device until further use. Yes! Every time you have to have a flash memory, be sure to be with you.

8) Debug Settings option is enabled for you! Exit the payload environment by pressing the PS Button. Now see settings => Debug Settings.

9) Congratulations. Your console on FW 9.00 is completely jailbreaked!

Very, very important warning!! Be sure to remove theusb driveafter the console is complete jailbreaking. When the console is turned on, it is strongly advised thatusb drive is not connected to the console until you need it again in the seventh step of jailbreaking.


How to update console to FW9.00 step by step:

Please be sure that your current firmware must be below 9.00. If you are on a higher version (e.g. 9.03), you can’t do anymore and it’s not possible to install a lower firmware. Unfortunately, you have to wait until the new Exploit is released for higher firmware. If you are sure that your firmware is lower than FW 9.00, do so:

1) Download the update file from the download section and extract it by WinRar software.

2) Prepare an ARROW in FAT32 format. In flash, first create a folder called PS4, then inside it create a folder called UPDATE (make sure all words are large). Now an update file called PS4UPDATE. Put PUP in this folder, i.e. PS4/UPDATE.

3) Refer to your console. Disconnect the Internet connection completely on your console. Also, check the options for automatically receiving updates so that it doesn’t get a problem for you later. Of course, the Update Blocker feature is located in The Explorer, which will be explained below.

4) Now connect the flash to your device. Go to Settins => System Software Update. The system automatically detects and installs the update file on flash.




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